No, NANNKA is currently a one-woman show offering her freelance design services under the name NANNKA.

Prices and timelines differ. They are all based on the work and effort needed for the client’s deliverables.

Timelines play a role in pricing, too.

We first have a meeting to go over your brief then we’ll move on to moodboards/style direction.
NANNKA’s priority is to always be on the same page with her clients.

After that, NANNKA will send over an agreement contract with prices and working terms for you to review, sign and send back over.

Then, we start creating!

As long as the collaboration doesn’t include/promote anything harmful or drifts away from NANNKA’s values and ethics then, of course! Contact me at info@nannkadesigns and we’ll get in touch!

NANNKA takes in projects and client calls on Sundays -Thursdays from 8.30 AM – 6 PM (GMT +2)
Please remember that freelancers aren’t robotic machines. We have private obligations, emergencies, as well as families and loved ones to adhere to.
NANNKA’s job is to help you with your projects but rest days are integral to the process to keep the creative juices flowing. I know you understand, we’re both human.

Yotta Solutions! You can check them out and contact them on yotta.solutions – you won’t regret it, trust me!

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